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Why exactly the Black Forest?Black Forest

The Romans called the region „Silva Nigra" which means the black, the dark, the murky forest. At that time the Black Forest was an almost impenetrable region, depressing and scary.

Why exactly go there, spend your vacation and have fun?

Quite simple: because today the Black Forest is one of the most popular regions for tourists in Germany.

It is one of the most beautiful, most romantic highlands with innumerable hiking trails and opportunities to go for a swim. For more than two hundred years it has been a region of German spas famous for their hospitality. But you must not misunderstand that. If you think the Black Forest is a region in which people every now and then put up guests if they happen to come along in the way our great grandfathers did - then you are mistaken!

The people in the Black Forest however, don‘t mind if you look at them in this way. But in reality things are different: In the whole of Germany there is no other region which is advertised and sold to tourists in such a clever way. There is nothing abominable about that. People in the Black Forest know that they charge quite a bit of money but they try very hard to offer a goodr. After all they make most of their money with regular customers whom they want to come back. So that is why they think hard how they can please their customers.

For this reason it is no coincidence that many attractive offers to tourists- such as " hiking without any luggage " - was born in the Black Forest.

The people in the Black Forest, more than in other regions, also offer special programmes for families with children.

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