Information around the Black Forest in Germany

The gorge of the "Wutach" Black Forest

The spring of the river Wutach lies east of the "Feldberg" not far from the top. The "Seebach" flows through the lake "Titisee" and leaves it as the "Gutach".

The small river "Haslach" which has its spring south of the "Titisee" and the romatic rivulet "Rötenbach" unite with the "Gutach" and form the river "Wutach" which is well- known to all nature lovers for its beauty. The foaming river runs through a gorge and a canyon. Because of its beauty the region was made a nature preserve in 1928. Here you can find plants and animals which were extinguished elsewhere long ago: mosses, ferns, herbs and flowers. On the whole there are 1200 rare species and 30 kinds of orchids here. On the slopes of the gorge which are facing the sun you may find maple, oak, lime and mulberry trees. More than a hundred kinds of birds live in the gorge e.g. kestrels, red kites and kingfishers. More than 500 kinds of butterflies and over 1000 kinds of beetles can be seen in this area.

A 13-kilometre-long trail leads through the wildest part of the gorge. You need good hiking boots if you want to go on that trail, as the path is often wet and slippery and it leads across narrow foot bridges. You cannot walk along it in winter time.

Park your car in "Bonndorf" and walk to the north to "Boll". Below "Boll" you will hit the hiking trail through the gorge. This path, partly following the river and partly leading above it, was made by using dynamite to blow parts of the rocks away. You reach the "Rümmelesteg" (a footbridge) and the place where the "Wutach" ceases to exist: the river suddenly disappears completely. After 1 ½ kilometres running underground the river emerges and flows on the surface again.

A little further on you can get into the Gauchach gorge, which comes from the north. The forest in this gorge is an almost impenetrable jungle. Everything that grows here can grow the way it wants.

From the place where the "Gauchach" flows into the "Wutach" it takes you about 15 minutes to get to the "Wutach" mill. Here you can go on a bus in order to return to Bonndorf.

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