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The fifth valley in the "Hotzenwald"

The valley with the river "Alb". It begins near "Bernau" and runs through "St Blasien" and "Görwihl" to "Albbruck" where it flows into the River Rhine. One of the most beautiful and daring mountain roads in the black Forest follows the river "Alb" near "St Blasien" (which is a health resort now and no longer dominated by the monastery). This road was built in the years 1855 to 1861.

Leaving the town of "Albtal" the valley becomes very narrow. A few kilometres further on the small river "Ibach" runs into the "Alb"; you reach a bridge (Ibacher Brücke) which leads across the valley in great height next to imposing groups of rocks with the names of "Rappenfelsen", "Großer Felsen", "Teufelsküche" (devil‘s kitchen).You cross a wild gorge – past the resort "Görwihl" with its museum – to "Tiefenstein", a small village with the ruins of a castle which had belonged to former robber barons.

The region between "Tiefenstein" and "Hohenfels" three kilometres north of "Albbruck" assumes an alpine character. The road runs through several tunnels up to the vantage point called "Hohenfels" ( which means high rock) Here you can find a rocky slope on which wild snow drops grow.

From "Hohenfels" the road leads down to "Albbruck" in serpentines. This town is an old-fashioned, cosy, small place, whose history is closely connected with the history of saltpetre. One old house is still there which belonged to one of the men who produced saltpetre. In this town the famous rebel hero Johann Fridolin Albiez was born.

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