Information around the Black Forest in Germany

The Regions

The Black Forest is divided into regionsBlack Forest

It is common usage to talk about the north and the south of the Black Forest. But it makes things clearer if we divide the Black forest into three areas and add the middle region of the Black Forest as a third area.

Glaciers and lakes: the primeval landscape

You can read entertaining facts concerning the geological history of the three regions of the Black Forest. You find information beginning with the early history, when the Black Forest was still a marine region to the ice age in which the lakes and valleys were formed.

Typical regions are the upland moors

They came into existence during the ice age. A lot of interesting plants grow there.

The "Schluchsee": sports and energy

This lake has a size of 123,500 acres which means it is the biggest lake in the Black Forest. It is not only interesting for recreation and water sports but it is also used to produce electricity.

The "Titisee": it is the biggest natural lake in the Black Forest

It is probably called after the Roman general Titus. Here you can enjoy all sorts of sports activities.

The "Höllental": it was as bad as hell in former times

Our predecessors thought a trip across this valley which takes on the shape of a gorge several times gave you a taste of hell. Today a road follows this valley on which you can cross the south of the Black Forest quickly and easily.

The gorge of the river Wutach is very popular with hikers

Many kinds of animals and plants which have already died out elsewhere, have survived here. Hikers love this canyon like gorge and they frequently come here.

The "Belchen" is something special

In the Alemannic language "Belchen" means a mountain without a peak only with a hilltop. That is why there is not only one "Belchen" but quite a few, because we are in a highland region.

The "Schauinsland": a fantastic view and narrow bends

From this point you have a marvellous view. You can see the "Feldberg"( a mountain) and the "Vogesen" (a region west of the river Rhine) and Switzerland. A suspension railway takes you to the top or you drive up on a former race track.

The "Feldberg": the highest point in the Black Forest

Actually it is only a hilltop - the "Feldberg" does not have a peak. The area is ideal for hiking. The whole area is a nature preserve.

The "Markgräflerland" (an area in the southwest of the Black Forest)

Does it still belong to the Black Forest? Some doubt that. We believe it does, it is the south western part of it and it is an essential part of the Black Forest.

The "Breisgau": a region at the edge of the Black Forest

It stretches out to the river Rhine. Its name comes from the little town of "Breisach". "Freiburg" is the centre of this region .The small mountains of the "Kaiserstuhl" and the "Tuniberg" belong to this region, too.

The "Kaiserstuhl": it is not known where its name comes from

It is a small volcano situated between the slopes of the Black Forest and the river Rhine. Here we find the warmest region in the whole of Germany.

The "Hotzenwald"

The "Hotzenwald" is the most southern part of the Black Forest. This area is good for lonesome hikers, as there are not too many tourists around.


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