Information around the Black Forest in Germany

Four valleys in the "Hotzenwald" region

Four rivers – Wehra, Murg and Alb, Schwarza and Schlücht – have carved several wildly romantic valleys out of the rocks. Tall plants with very big leaves grow along their banks and the poisonous monk‘s hood with its dark blue blossoms is to be found here, too.

Spruce and silver fir trees mixed with hazel bushes and deciduous trees grow on the slopes. In the higher regions you will find meadows and scattered moors with moss, wool grass and bilberries.

The valley of the river "Wehra". The river‘s spring lies northeast of "Todtmoos". Then it runs through "Wehr" and near "Bad Säckingen" it flows into the River Rhine. The river‘s nicest region lies between the town of "Todtmoos-Au" and the "Wehra" reservoir.(A 40 m high wall damns up the river into a lake which is 3 km long). In this section the river forms a very narrow, winding, gorge- like valley, partly filled with lush vegetation, partly showing barren rocks.

The valley of the river "Murg". The "Murg" valley road which leads from "Herrischried" to "Murg" (where the river flows into the river Rhine) is quite a nice road, but in parts it does not follow the valley. There is a much smaller road which directly follows the river. This leads right through the gorge-like valley with its waterfalls and the ruins of the castle "Wieladingen". It can be warmly recommended to bikers and hikers.

The valley of the river "Alb". A fabulous mountain road leads through this valley.

The valleys of the rivers "Schwarza" and "Schlücht". Both rivers begin east of "St Blasien" and end near "Waldshut-Tiengen" in the river Rhine. Only in the valley of the river "Schlücht" you will find a public road, which is very nice and winding. Another road along the river "Schwarza" is also nice, but it is closed to motorists. Hikers love it and you can find many of them there.

Both rivers are used for generating electricity. Several dam walls were built which form artificial reservoirs: "Schwarza-See", "Schlücht-See" and the "Witznau-Stausee".

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