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Lakes and the Highest Mountain: the southern region of the Black ForestBlack Forest

The road from Emmendingen to Villingen-Schwenningen is the border separating the middle region from the south.

Many people think of the south of the Black Forest when they talk about the Black Forest. The region is also called the "Hochschwarzwald" – as it reaches a height of 1500m above sea level. But there are no steep peaks, only rounded hilltops. The "Feldberg" is the biggest hilltop, a massif several kilometres long, covered with forests. It is the highest region of all German low mountain ranges.

The second mountain top is the "Belchen"; from here you have got a marvellous view of the surrounding area. On clear days you can even see the Alps with their highest mountain Montblanc.

It is not only the beautiful mountains that determine the character of the Black forest.What is more there are serene lakes – among them the "Schluchsee" and "Titisee". The romantic valleys with their old farmhouses with shingled roofs which reach almost down to the ground add to the charm. They correspond to the character of the people living in the Black Forest, who are self-assured and conservative in their thoughts and nature, too. This region also offers idyllic and lovely spaces looking like parks or groves and vineyards in which delicious wines grow.

The southern region of the Black Forest is characterized more by its beautiful landscapes and nature and not so much by extraordinary buildings. The ones you find here came here more or less by accident e.g. the church belonging to the monastery in Sulzburg or the early classicistic dome in "St Blasien"

But mind you the town of "Freiburg" is an exception with many grand old buildings and especially the minster. Freiburg takes pride in calling itself the "capital of the Black Forest". But actually this "capital" is not really typical of the Black Forest.

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