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Lake "Titisee"Black Forest

A hundred years ago there were just about a handful of farmhouses. Until the year 1929 the settlement which covered a larger area was called "Viertäler" which means four valleys.

Today the town called "Titisee" is a health resort with many hotels and inns. In a community reform programme the town was connected with the town of " Neustadt" and now it is called "Titisee-Neustadt". It has developed into an attractive and lively centre offering amusement to the visiting tourists.

The lake is a kind of natural reservoir, whose water is dammed up by glacial moraines. It is two kilometres long and 700 metres wide and with that it is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest. It was presumably named after the Roman emperor Titus.

It is nicely situated at 858m above sea level between wooded slopes of the "Feldberg" and the "Hochfirst". It also gets its water from there in a creek, the "Seebach" which flows into the lake and which leaves it under the name of "Gutach". The 2 creeks "Gutach" and "Haslach" unite and become the "Wutach" which is a tributary of the River Rhine.

Today the lake is a popular place for outings.You can walk around it in 1 1/2 hours on a pleasant path or you can go fishing, wind-surfing or sailing.

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