Information around the Black Forest in Germany

At the "Schluchsee" Black Forest

It is the biggest lake in the Black Forest – seven kilometres long, 1.4 kilometres wide and 61 meters deep. It is not a natural lake it is artificial. The dam was built at the end of the 1920s. But you wouldn‘t realize that it is artificial unless you stood at the foot of the 35 meter-high and 250m long dam.

Damming up the river produces energy. The water of the lake which is situated at the height of 930m is led through tunnels down to "Häusern" at the height of 723 m, Witznau at 475 m and Waldshut at 340m. At each level downwards the water produces energy before it flows into the River Rhine. During the night when less electricity is needed the water is pumped up again and stored in order to send it down again when more electricity is needed.

The lake offers great opportunities for water sports. You can go for a swim, go windsurfing or sailing; there are also rowing boats and electric boats available. In the summer time there are ferries which take the tourists across the lake. The lake has long had a good reputation as a tourist attraction, already more than a hundred years ago Englishmen came here in order to catch fish in a then much smaller lake which was full of fish.

There is a nice 20 kilometre-long hiking trail around the lake, whose south-western banks are very quiet and beautiful with no villages around only some single farmhouses.

Even more quiet is the region two kilometres to the north at the "Wildgfällweiher". "Weiher" means small lake. This dark lake is also artificial, the natural lake was five times smaller. It also servers as water reservoir connected with the big Schluchsee-electricity-system. It is also a nature preserve. You can swim in the lake and hire a boat.

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