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Partly sophisticated, partly informalBlack Forest

There are a number of places with sophisticated hotels which in addition to being sophisticated are also cosy and offer good food.

The Black Forest belongs to the regions which want to offer more than average quality both in respect to food and wine. (They grow wine in the Black Forest - you know that, don‘t you?) The number of restaurants which were awarded prizes in this field is considerable.

In short: also demanding and critical customers are completely satisfied with the conditions here. They might find the informal and relaxed way in which they are served strange in the beginning. After a few days people get used to that and they are beginning to like it.

People in the Black Forest have always been fond of children and have emphasized family values, so families with children have no problem in finding a place to stay.

In the eyes of shrewd business men (which the people in the Black forest are) the children of today are the paying customers of tomorrow. In many communities and hotels there are special offers for families: such as cribs, dishes for children, a bay sitting service and special afternoon entertainment with games for children and activities for the whole family 8 you find more information about it in the chapter: "families with children"

You can do a lot of things in the Black Forest, e.g. you can ride on a historical steam train (you find more information in the chapter: "nice tours by train of by car"). you can visit a silver mine which is no longer in use (more about that in the chapter: special things"), you can go on excursions to see animals (details in the chapter: "hiking in the woods and among animals"). Moreover there are a lot of outdoor swimming pools, marked hiking trails and there is the chance to rent bicycles.

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> Partly sophisticated partly informal
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> The "Silver Star", a famous inn, and the "Simplizissimus"

German: Teils nobel, teils familiär

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