Information around the Black Forest in Germany

The lake called "Feldsee"
in the "Feldberg" massif

This whole region is a nature preserve – with all its geological and biological variety, its woods and pastures, lakes and moors.

In the highest regions of Germany‘s highest low mountain ranges you can find an alpine vegetation with the yellow gentian, the silver thistle, campanula and arnica. Animals which originally only lived in the Alps were transferred to the Black Forest such as the chamois and marmot. Deer, foxes. hares, squirrels and badgers live here, too.

A romantic lake called "Feldsee" is situated in a height of 1111m above sea level in this massif. It was formed during the ice age The lake is 300m in diameter and 33m deep. Several creeks fill it with water. One rivulet called "Seebach" leaves the lake and connects it with the lake called "Titisee". In the area where this rivulet leaves the lake there are swamps.

Plenty of paths for hiking can be found here. You can hike right round the massif on a trail which is twelve km long. It starts at a house called "Feldberger Hof" which you can easily reach by car. And if you want to take a chair lift to "Seebuck" you can also do that.

> The Regions
> The Black Forest is divided into three areas
> Famous Roads
> Homeland of the Rafters
> Lakes and the Highest Mountain
> Glaciers and Lakes: The Primeval Landscape
> The Upland Moors: The typical landscape
> At the Schluchsee
> Lake Titisee
> The Höllental
> The gorge of the Wutach
> The Belchen
> The Schauinsland
> The mountain called Feldberg
> The lake called Feldsee in the Feldberg massif
> In the region called Hotzenwald
> Four valleys in the Hotzenwald region
> The fifth valley in the Hotzenwald

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