Information around the Black Forest in Germany

The "Schauinsland"
(it means "look at the land")

This mountain is 1284m high and it is part of the "Feldberg" massif. Its name already tells you what this mountain offers – a view over the land – to the "Feldberg", the Vosges beyond the Rhine valley and even further into the Swiss mountains.

In former times the mountain had a different name. It was called "Erzkasten" which means a chest full of minerals. For as early as the13th century silver was mined here which made the town of "Freiburg" rich in the 14th and 15th centuries. In the 17th and 18th centuries lead and zinc were found here, but in 1954 mining was given up, because it had become unprofitable. What is left of this time is the vegetation on the planes – only meadows, as all the trees had been cut down for mining. Solely a few strangely crippled beeches are left.

From a town called "Horben" you can reach the top in a suspension railway which was built in the year 1930. It is 3600m long and covers a difference in height of 746m and it has a gradient of 52%. From there you can reach the top on a hiking trail in 15 minutes where you find a lookout tower. About 5oom to the east there is a sun observatory of the "Frauenhofer Institut". A little further on there is an institute in which research on air pollution is done.

By the way you need not go on this above mentioned suspension railway, you can also go along an eleven-kilometre-long road which takes you up to the terminal of this railway. This road is famous for many car races which it has experienced. It was built in 1924 for a special, international "ADAC" (General German Automobile Club) mountain competition. With its 170 bends this road is regarded as one of the most beautiful and most difficult mountain roads for races. Everybody can use it if he or she fancies driving on winding mountain roads.

> The Regions
> The Black Forest is divided into three areas
> Famous Roads
> Homeland of the Rafters
> Lakes and the Highest Mountain
> Glaciers and Lakes: The Primeval Landscape
> The Upland Moors: The typical landscape
> At the Schluchsee
> Lake Titisee
> The Höllental
> The gorge of the Wutach
> The Belchen
> The Schauinsland
> The mountain called Feldberg
> The lake called Feldsee in the Feldberg massif
> In the region called Hotzenwald
> Four valleys in the Hotzenwald region
> The fifth valley in the Hotzenwald

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